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Tofu Poke Bowl! Try out this vegan poke option for some protein!⁣ ⁣ No. Of Servi…

Tofu Poke Bowl! 🍣🍲Try out this vegan poke option for some protein!⁣

No. Of Servings: 4⁣
Ingredients I Used:⁣
Bowl -⁣
– 16 oz of firm tofu seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, no salt seasoning, sriracha, chili powder, basil 🌿 ⁣
– 2 cups of brown rice 🍚 ⁣
– 1 English cucumber 🥒 ⁣
– 1 small bag of edamame ⁣
– 1 small bag of carrots 🥕 ⁣
Sauce – add to taste⁣
– Soy sauce⁣
– Sesame oil⁣
– Brown sugar ⁣
– Sriracha ⁣
– Chili garlic sauce ⁣

Start by pressing your tofu so it loses its water and when it’s dry, crumble into a ground mixture with your hands. Mix in the seasonings and set aside in the fridge, ideally overnight so the flavors can set in. Cook your brown rice and prep your veggies. My edamame was frozen so I boiled that, and then peels my cucumber into thin slides. The thinner the slices of the cucumber the better for this bowl. Add a serving of the tofu back in, layer on your veggies, and mix your sauce together. Everything bagel seasoning is an awesome topping for this dish. 😋 ⁣

Hope you enjoy!

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