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Tofu Banh Mi Tacos!! For a vegan & homemade alternative to your favorite Vietna…

Tofu Banh Mi Tacos!! 🍖🌮 For a vegan & homemade alternative to your favorite Vietnamese sandwich!⁣

The tacos were inspired by the incredible restaurant, the Peached Tortilla, in Austin, Texas. Once we’re able to travel again, I definitely will be returning and will thoroughly enjoy their Banh Mi Tacos 😍⁣

Ingredients I Used:⁣
Tofu Ingredients -⁣
– drained firm tofu 🥩⁣
– soy sauce⁣
– vinegar⁣
– sriracha⁣
Topping Ingredients – ⁣
– salad mix 🥗 ⁣
– dressing: soy sauce, maple syrup, rice vinegar⁣
– matchstick carrots (I unfortunately did not have any at home) 🥕 ⁣
– chopped red onion 🧅 ⁣
– sliced cucumber 🥒 ⁣
– sliced jalapeno 🌶 ⁣
– chopped cilantro 🌱⁣
Taco Ingredients ⁣
– tortilla (mine is gluten-free)⁣
– sauce: sriracha & vegan mayo⁣

A couple hours before you plan on making this meal, drain your tofu and cut into half inch strips. (I would recommend cutting into smaller strips than I showed in my photos so they cook better.) Marinate in soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sriracha and flip the pieces until it looks as though the sauces are being soaked through. Then prepare you salad mix with red onions and pour in soy sauce, rice vinegar, and maple syrup. Let this sit in the fridge for a few hours too, but this isn’t necessary to do.⁣

A few hours later… ⏲⁣
Grill or bake your tofu strips with a little oil on the pan. Flip your strips until they’re crispy to your liking. Also toast your tortilla so it’s a little crispy, but not so hard that it would break at folding. Mix together your sriracha mayo and layer onto your crispy tortilla. Then add your marinated salad mix, grilled tofu, sliced cucumber, and sliced jalapeno. Add on chopped cilantro and extra sauce if you would like. ⁣

This creates such a tasty taco, but if you wanted a great salad, just ditch the tortilla! 🥗⁣

Let me know if you try this tasty recipe out! 😛

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