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Shrimp & Black Bean Tostadas! Another impressive Black chef to definitely check …

Shrimp & Black Bean Tostadas! 🍤🌮Another impressive Black chef to definitely check out is onegreatvegan (Gabrielle Reyes); thank you for inspiring this delicious recipe! 😍⁣

Ingredients I Used:⁣
– tortilla (mine is gluten-free)⁣
– chopped onions 🧅 ⁣
– minced garlic 🧄 ⁣
– black beans⁣
– shrimp 🍤 ⁣
– seasonings: salt, pepper, no salt seasoning, garlic powder, masala⁣
– chopped greens 🥬 ⁣
– chopped cherry tomatoes 🍅 ⁣

I started out with cooking my chopped onions in oil with garlic until the onions went translucent. Then I added in a can of black beans, added some salt, and then cooked covered. On the side, I thawed my shrimp and started cooking them with all the seasonings listed above. I didn’t have any tostadas at home, so we fried pieces of tortilla in a shallow fry and they were perfect and crispy! Create your sauce on the side and make sure to add lots of lemon. After all the separate ingredients were ready, I placed on all the layers and bite in!! 😋⁣

Thoroughly enjoyed this recipe and would definitely recommend trying out. Make sure to check out onegreatvegan for her completely vegan recipe while you’re at it!⁣

Enjoy the crisp! 😛

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