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Quinoa Crusted Tofu!! A crunchy snack option created by Make sure to check her…

Quinoa Crusted Tofu!! 😛 A crunchy snack option created by chocolateforbasil! Make sure to check her out 😍⁣

Ingredients I Used:⁣
– firm tofu⁣
– quinoa⁣
– veggie broth 🥘⁣
– seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, no salt seasoning⁣
– flax egg 🥚 ⁣
– coconut flour ⁣
– cornstarch⁣

Put your quinoa to cook in veggie broth and add in your seasonings. When it’s ready, remove from the cooker and let it dry and cool. Then drain your tofu and cut them into thin blocks. Whisk your egg (I used flax egg to make it vegan), and mix together your chosen flour and cornstarch. Dunk your tofu blocks in the flour mixture, then the egg, and then coat in quinoa. I used an air fryer to bake my blocks (you can use an oven too) at 425 degrees for 15 minutes drizzled in some olive oil and you’re ready to go! I made a vegan sriracha mayo and chipotle mayo as dipping sauce options. ⁣

Be sure to check out chocolateforbasil for her recipe and many others! 😋⁣

Enjoy your snack!! 🥰

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