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Happy Birthday Breonna Taylor – a beautiful young woman who spent her time savin…

Happy Birthday Breonna Taylor – a beautiful young woman who spent her time saving our lives, yet we couldn’t save hers. She should have been celebrating with her loved ones today. We remember your name and will fight for the justice you deserve – below are actionable steps you can take to help make sure another innocent person doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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Breonna Taylor would have turned 27 years old today.

Just 3 months ago, Breonna was an essential worker – an EMT working at two hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.
That was before Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove burst into Breonna’s home as she slept and shot and killed her.

These officers ARE STILL on administrative leave.

We are so grateful to everyone who made phone calls this week, asking Louisville city council safety committee to advance legislation banning no-knock raids, which is how Breonna was killed.

Here are your action steps;
🗣TODAY, on what would have been her 27th birthday, we will honor Breonna by saying her name. Making sure her life, her story is not forgotten.
Share videos saying her name and don’t forget to use the hashtags

On June 11th, the entire city council must vote to pass Breonna’s Law to effectively ban No Knock Raids. Call 502-735-1784 to ask that city council vote to PASS BREONNA’S LAW

on the super petition at StandwithBre.com to demand that the officers be charged for murdering Breonna

We will not forget your name, Bre.
We will not stop fighting for you.
We WILL get justice 💪

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